Westinghouse EN657 Solar Pest Repeller with Rechargeable Batteries

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The Westinghouse EN-657 solar animal repeller repels cats, deer, birds and most types of rodents by emitting a combination of sounds and a powerful flashing LED light when the animal is detected.

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  • Drives away undesired cats, birds, deer and burrowing pests like moles, voles and gophers
  • Functions day and night
  • Integrated amorphous silicon solar panel
  • The movement detector activates the desired sound and/or flashing LED light against the undesired animal
  •  Weatherproof, made of durable ABS plastic
  •  Covers up to 10 m (30 feet) @ 110° in front of the unit
  • Integrated 4 rechargeable 1,2V Ni-CD AA batteries (User changeable)


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